Achilles tendon repair

There are many techniques for repairing lesions of the Achilles tendon, called open, mini invasive or arthroscopic. The possibility of using these techniques depends on the extent and especially the age of the lesions.

It is very important to be able to treat Achilles tendon ruptures as quickly as possible to prevent the tendon from retracting.

The repair of a "fresh" rupture of the Achilles tendon under arthroscopy consists in making several mini incisions along the tendon to bring it back into continuity and to allow its healing.

The first procedure consists of a tendinous debridement (cleansing and release), then the repair itself consists of a suture of the two ends of the ruptured tendon, it is also possible to carry out a tendinous transfer.

  • Anesthesia : general + loco regional
  • Technique : mini invasive
  • Hospitalization : outpatient care
  • Immobilization : 45 days with relieved support on the forefoot
  • Rehabilitation : immediate