Anterior Ankle Impingement

An impingement is the result of abnormal contact within the joint ; this may be due to bone deformation that causes friction, bone breakage or tissue that may be "stuck" in the joint.

At the origin of an Anterior Ankle Impingement, there are often old sprains that have resulted in the formation of osteophytes (bony beaks) over time.

The pain can be localized on the sides of the ankle, we speak then of antero-lateral pain that are generally related to tissue conflict. When the pain is localized on the top of the ankle we speak of antero-internal pain related to a bone impingement.

With time and secondary ligament involvement, the sensation of instability can worsen and -in the most severe cases- osteoarthritis can damage the cartilage.

Your surgeon will need specific X-ray views ; ultrasound or CT-scan may also be necessary for examining non-bone tissues (muscles, tendons, cartilage).

Inquire in advance is mandatory in order to perform the most suitable examination.

Treatment options

Medical Treatment
When the radiograph does not find any bone lesion or osteophytes, corticosteroid injection can be performed, preferably by a radiologist and under ultrasound control, to infiltrate precisely the area of the conflict.

In 50% of the cases the injection brings relief but in case of failure, a surgical intervention can be envisaged.

Surgical Treatment
The procedure consists in resecting the tissues, which "jam" in the joint and, if necessary, eliminate the osteophytes.

At the Bordeaux-Merignac Sport Clinic this procedure is performed under arthroscopy and as an outpatient basis