Thumb Base Arthritis

The thumb has a major role in the grasping ability.
The cartilage, which covers the end of the bones, allows a smooth sliding of the articular surfaces between them. Arthritis of the thumb degrades the cartilage and causes pain and stiffness that prevent the smooth functioning of the joint.

Thumb is a rather simple articulation composed at the base of the wrist of a bone called the trapezium connected to the first metacarpal, extended by two phalanges.

Osteoarthritis of the thumb is a degradation of the cartilage, which covers the extremity of the first metacarpal and of the trapezium. This pathology will cause pain and difficulty in moving your thumb and may evolve towards a deformation of the hand or instability.

To make a precise diagnosis, your surgeon will rely primarily on clinical examination. He can rely on complementary examinations to identify associated bone or ligament injuries.

Inquire in advance is mandatory to perform the most appropriate examination.

Treatment options

Medical treatment

First instance treatment with analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs can relieve the painful phenomena. Nevertheless medications cannot stop the course of the disease. In the event of functional discomfort or severe pain, surgery may be proposed.

Surgical Treatment

Several different procedures can be used, one option is to remove part of the joint and reconstruct it using either graft or a prosthesis.

At the Bordeaux-Merignac Sport Clinic, these procedures are generally performed as an outpatient basis.