Arthroscopic Ankle Ligamentoplasty

Arthroscopy is a surgical technique that involves using an optic to see inside the joint and miniature surgical instruments. The incisions are small and this form of surgery is less invasive than the technique known as "open". With the evolution of arthroscopic techniques and instruments, arthroscopy allows today to treat a significant number of osteo-articular pathologies.

Ankle ligamentoplasty treats cases of chronic instability with the aim of avoiding repeated sprains and, over time, the onset of osteoarthritis

There are different techniques of ligamentoplasty

  • The Duquesnoy’s Technique consists in repairing the tendon and reinforcing it with a tissue graft. The result is therefore dependent on the quality of the tendon to be sutured.
  • The anatomical reconstruction technique consists in repairing or replacing the damaged ligaments by transplanting a graft taken from the knee
  • Technique : arthroscopy
  • Hospitalization : Outpatient care
  • Immobilization :
    • 2 weeks with splint without support,
    • then 4 weeks without splint, authorized support with crutches
  • Rehabilitation : from the 15th postoperative day