Claw toe

The claw toe is a distortion caused by a tendon dysfunction and can affect any toe. A particular morphology of the foot (toes too long) predisposes to this deformation that can be aggravated by the wearing of badly adapted shoes.

This deformation is due to an imbalance between the flexor tendons and the extensor tendons of the toe, which then tends to fold back into the form of a claw.

The intervention involves realigning the toe to eliminate painful pressure points. For this, there are several surgical techniques that can concern the joint, the tendons or the phalanges.

  • Osteotomy : consists in shortening the first or second phalange to realign the toe in an anatomical axis.
  • Arthrodesis involves blocking the joint by fusing two phalanges
  • Tenotomy : involves acting on the tendons by elongating or moving them to reduce the tension exerted on the toe.

All of these gestures can be performed in minimally invasive surgery

  • Anesthesia : loco regional
  • Technique : mini invasive
  • Hospitalization : outpatient care
  • Immobilization : medical shoe for 3 weeks
  • Rehabilitation : from the 3rd week after surgery
  • Post-operative visit : 2 weeks after surgery