Dr. CHARPAIL Christel

Consultations at Clinique du Sport
4 rue Negrevergne 33700 Merignac
Secretary : 05 56 13 10 83
SOS Pied Cheville

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Orthopedic surgeon and traumatology
Expert in foot and ankle surgery


  • Inter-University diploma of telemedicine (2020), Montpellier University
  • Master of Science in Advancing Healthcare Practice (2015 à 2018), The Open University.
  • Graduated in orthopedic surgery and traumatology
  • Inter-University diploma of sport relatif locomotor pathologies (2009), Aix-Marseille II University
  • Inter-University diploma of foot and ankle surgery(2008), Aix-Marseille II University
  • Graduated in general surgery
  • Inter-University diploma of arthroscopy (2007)
  • Inter-University diploma of knee surgical pathology (2007)
  • Master of biological and medical sciences (2004)
  • Member of SOFCOT
  • Member of AFCP
  • Member of EFAS (European Foot and Ankle Society)
  • Member of CFCOT


  • Practices orthopedic surgery since 2020 within the Bordeaux-Merignac Sport Clinic
  • Practices the traumatology of foot and ankle
  • Practices for 2 years in a world famous service of foot and ankle surgery in Leeds Teaching Hospitals (UK)

Research and Development

  • Takes part in the work of foot learned societies, national and international
  • Numerous communications at national and international congresses : SOFCOT, EFORT

Publication and Educational courses

  • Introduction to Good Clinical Practice (A practical guide to ethical and scientific quality standards in clinical research), NIHR (2018)
  • Quality Improvement Training, Leeds Teaching Hospital (2018)
  • Teach the Teacher Course for Doctors, Oxford Medical (2018)
  • Consultant Interview Course, ISC Medical (2018)
  • ATLS (Advanced Trauma Life Support), Warwick Hospital (2016)
  • Foot and Ankle Surgical Skills course : MICA focus, Wright Lab Augsburg (Germany) (2015)
  • Ankle Arthroscopy course, IRCAD Strasbourg (2014)
  • Participates in the teaching of the urgent medical assistance n marine environment (2014)
  • Patient Radiation Protection, French Radiation Protection Service (2013)
  • CACHIRMEX (2008-2010)
  • AO Fracture course (2006)
  • Fracture course, CFCOT (2005)
  • Participates in the teaching of scrub nurse students and paramedical staff
  • Author of 7 referenced articles