Dr. de LAVIGNE Christophe

Consultations at CCOS
2 rue Negrevergne 33700 Merignac
Secretary : 05 56 18 17 19
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Knee surgery, ligaments, meniscus, cartilage, arthritis, knee prostheses
Sport surgery, Arthroscopy, Arthroplasty


  • Orthopaedic surgeon



  • Practices orthopedic surgery at the Bordeaux-Merignac Sport Clinic since 1998
    - * Contributed to the improvement of arthroscopy techniques of reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) by DIDT
    - * Practices prosthetic knee surgery with computerized navigation
    - * Practices meniscal and cartilaginous surgery (mosaicplasty)

Research and Development

- * Participated in the clinical follow-up of ACL reconstructions
- * Participated in the analysis of the contribution of computerized navigation in the implementation of total knee prostheses
- * Has been associated with the development of a total knee replacement prosthesis
- * Has described innovative fastening systems for the LCA
- * Has worked on the development of customized cutting guides for the implementation of total knee prostheses

Publications and Educational courses

  • Participation in the educational courses organized by the SFA
  • Has been an instructor during many technical courses in arthroscopic knee surgery
  • Has participated in many live surgery demonstrations in Merignac and Paris