Dr. ABADIE Pierre

Consultations at CCOS
2 rue Negrevergne 33700 Merignac
Secretary : 05 56 18 17 25
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Shoulder surgery, Arthroscopy, Rotator cuff tears, shoulder dislocation, arthritis, shoulder arthroplasty
Sport surgery, arthroscopy, arthroplasty


  • Orthopedic surgeon
  • Resident in Surgery



  • Practices orthopedic surgery at the Bordeaux Merignac Sport Clinic since 2011
  • Collaborated in the description of an original technique of stabilization of the shoulder associating ligamentous plasty and coracoidal abutment
  • Contributed to the development of hip arthroscopy techniques in parallel with his important shoulder arthroscopy activity
  • Participates in the development of arthroscopic rotator cuff repair techniques
  • Participated in the codification of the decompression technique under acromial

Research and Development

  • Clinical research with retrospective and prospective follow-up of cohorts of patients to evaluate the results of surgical techniques
  • Attended the 2012 SFA symposium on rotator cuff repairs after 70 years
  • Participated in the SFA symposium in 2013 on the sub-acromial conflict
  • Attending the Symposium on the SFTS return to sport after stabilization by abutment coracoid

Publications and Educational Courses

  • Participation in the writing of books in orthopedic and arthroscopic surgery (SOFCOT, SFA)
  • Author of 10 referenced articles
  • Presentations at regional, national and international scientific congresses : SFA, SOFCOT, EFORT, ISAKOS, ESSKA, GEM, SOO, SERF, GEPECCOT
  • Collaborated in the organization of surgical demonstrations (Live Surgery) in Mérignac