Dr. CARLIER Yacine

Consultations at Centre de l’Arthrose
6 rue Negrevergne 33700 Merignac
Secretary : 05 56 18 17 14
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Orthopedic surgery of the upper limb, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand
Sport surgery, Arthroscopy, Prosthetic surgery


  • Orthopedic surgeon
  • Resident in surgery of Hospital



  • Practices orthopedic surgery since 2005 and within the Sport Clinic since 2014
  • Participated in the development of tennis elbow arthroscopic treatment techniques
  • National referent for the elbow arthroscopic surgery
  • Practices prosthetic surgery for the hand and wrist, elbow and shoulder.

Research and Development

  • Participated in anatomical and biomechanical studies on hand tendons
  • Participated in the evaluation of endoscopic and arthroscopic techniques for elbow and wrist.

Publications and Educational Courses

  • Participation in the teaching activity of CARPE (wrist) and GRAPE (shoulder) at the regional level.
  • Oral presentations at national and international conferences SFA, SOFCOT, NASS (North American Spine Surgery), GRAPE, CARP.
  • Live Surgery demonstrations at the Bordeaux Merignac Sport Clinic