Elbow Prosthesis

The elbow is a complex joint that plays a major role in the function of the arm and hand. The cartilage, which covers the end of the bones, allows a smooth sliding of the articular surfaces between them. Osteoarthritis degrades the cartilage and causes pain and stiffness that prevent proper functioning of the joint.

There are various prosthetic elements that can replace all or part of the joint depending on the degradation ; this is called partial dentures or total prostheses.

When the ligaments are in good working order, they allow finding a great articular mobility then one speaks of non-constrained prosthesis.

In case of severe ligament destruction, a semi-constrained or stressed prosthesis will be more adapted to find a good stability of the joint.

Above X-Ray of a partial elbow prosthesis (replacement of the radius head)

Above X-Ray radio of a total elbow prosthesis

  • Anesthesia : general + loco regional
  • Technique : open surgery
  • Hospitalization 2 to 3 days
  • Immobilization : Splint in maximum extension for 3 days 24/24 then articulated nocturne splint in extension of the elbow.
  • Immediate Self-rehabilitation exercises : 3 times a day at home
  • Immediate rehabilitation : recovery of passive joint amplitudes
  • Postoperative visit 6 to 8 weeks after surgery with an X-Ray