When inflammation makes a tendon painful, it is called tendinopathy. Epicondylial tendinopathy or epicondylitis is generally due to repetitive gestures during professional or sports practice. The pain is on the side of the elbow and can radiate along the forearm to the wrist.

If the pain has resisted medical treatment or cell biotherapy by PRP infiltration, surgical intervention is needed to eliminate abnormally significant traction of the epicondylial tendons.

Arthroscopic technique

A miniature camera is inserted through a small incision (portal), and then your surgeon inserts miniature surgical instruments through other portals.

In the first stage of surgery, the surgeon analyzes the lesions on the cartilage and the soft tissues (tendons, muscles).

In a second step, surgeon can either cut the tendon to eliminate excessive traction, or perform an elongation plasty. This surgical procedure consists in incising the tendon in the length (micro tenotomy), which makes it possible to relaunch the healing in the heart of the epicondylitis and to relax the excessive tension of the epicondylial tendons.

It is also possible to associate an infiltration of PRP under ultrasound control.

  • Anesthesia : loco-regional
  • Technique : under arthroscopy
  • Hospitalization : Outpatient care
  • Immobilization : no
  • Immediate self-rehabilitation
  • Rehabilitation : starting 3 weeks after surgery
  • Postoperative visit : 4 weeks after surgery