Fibular Tendinopathy

The fibular tendons are powerful stabilizers of the ankle ; they pass on the external face of the ankle, under the external malleolus and under the foot to come to be fixed on the base of the 5th and 1st metatarsals. When inflammation makes a tendon painful, it is called tendinopathy..

Fibular tendons play a major role in stabilizing the ankle, so they are particularly stressed when practicing certain sports such as running or dancing. This wear by excessive stress, but also trauma or repeated sprains can make the tendons pathological and inflammatory.

The pain associated with the feeling of instability makes the practice of sports, or even the walking difficult and the absence of treatment tendons may tear.

The diagnosis will be made during a simple clinical examination by your surgeon. Additional tests such as ultrasound or MRI will help assess tissue damage.

Inquire in advance is mandatory in order to perform the most suitable examination

Treatment options

Medical treatment

In first instance, a sports rest should be observed during 4 to 6 weeks, associated with an adapted rehabilitation. The use of analgesics and anti-inflammatories can relieve the painful phenomena, but the injection of corticosteroids is not recommended.

In the event of failure of the medical treatment and of a well-conducted rehabilitation, a surgical procedure may be proposed.

Surgical treatment
Tendinoscopy allows the stabilization of the fibular

At the Bordeaux-Merignac Sport Clinic, this procedure is performed under arthroscopy and as an outpatient basis.