Hip osteonecrosis

The hip is the joint that forms the junction between the legs and the trunk ; it supports the weight of the body and is therefore subjected to important constraints. The top of the thigh bone : the femur, comes to fit into the iliac bone (the pelvis) at the level of a cavity called acetabulum or acetabulum.

Osteonecrosys is the abnormal and premature death of bone tissue due to a lack of vascularization (blood supply), this genetic and hereditary patient mainly affects men between 30 and 60 years.

In the causes that may be at the origin of this pathology are traumatic antecedents :

  • collar fracture
  • hip dislocation

Or non-traumatic :

  • prolonged use of corticosteroids
  • alcoholism
  • sickle cell disease (hemoglobin genetic disease)

To establish a precise diagnosis taking into account the evolution of the disease, an X-ray and MRI will be necessary.

Treatment options

Depending on the course of the disease, medical treatment may be considered including joint discharge and analgesics, or surgical treatment.

There are several surgical techniques :

Below, a short video for more information (in French)