What should I do ?

1st step : pre-registration

  • MUST be done ON LINE on the secure portal APPFINE (you will be given a personalized access code)
  • If you have no access to the internet, you can ask for a paper copy at the clinic’s reception desk, fill-in the forms and return it by mail with all requested documents.

Anticipate !

Remember to report to us

  • If a stay is planned in convalescence or rehabilitation center.
  • If a transport has been prescribed, you must send the preliminary agreement to your CPAM (primary health insurance fund) and tell us which ambulance company you have chosen.

2nd step : registration

When ?

  • You will be contacted by phone the day before to determine your arrival time

Where ?

  • at the Clinic reception desk

Why ?

  • To validate your arrival and complete your records if necessary

And most importantly, do not forget to bring :

  • Card of medical insurance (Carte Vitale) + certificate of rights
  • Card of supplementary insurance
  • Blood group card
  • All your medical examination and imaging reports
  • Authorization to operate for minors or adults under tutorship
  • Designation of the person of trust

If applicable

  • Prescription of my personal treatment and medicines in the original packages
  • Work accident or occupational disease record
  • Free care booklet for Article 115 war pensioners
  • Regulatory printouts for citizens of the European community

If you are not insured, the cost of the stay must be paid before the intervention according to the estimate which you will have accepted.

3rd step : Exit formalities

Where ?

  • At the clinic reception desk (ground floor)

Who ?

  • Yourself of your accompanying person

When ?

  • From 9AM the day of your clinic outing
  • The date and time of your outing are set by your surgeon (usually late morning).
  • The documents relating to your intervention will be given to you (certificates, prescriptions, work stoppage, operational report, etc.)
  • The invoice will be delivered after fee settlement.

Important !

The exit of minors can be done only in the presence of a parent or tutor (a written authorization will be required in case of impediment).

If you ask to go out against medical advice, a written discharge will be required.