Knee instability
Ligaments injuries

The knee is very stressed during walking or running and can withstand great stresses, it must be particularly stable to avoid falls.

This stability is in part ensured by the anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments that hold the tibia forward and backward. Anterior cruciate ligament tear is often associated with trauma.

Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) can be injured in several ways : changing direction rapidly, stopping suddenly, landing from a jump incorrectly, directs contact or collision, such as football tackle.
Most of the time a “popping” noise is perceived and followed by a sharp pain and swelling of the knee. It is then advisable to glaze the knee for periods of 15 to 20 minutes repeated several times a day. The icing relieves pain and limits the effusion. Restraining in a splint and the use of crutches are recommended until consultation with a specialist.

Over time, the knee can function fairly normally or present dysfunctions up to the instability that can be penalizing in your professional or sports practice. This instability can also be the cause of associated menisci lesions and the development of osteoarthritis.

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The diagnosis is primarily clinical with different tests that will allow your surgeon to evaluate the movements of the joint. This clinical examination is supplemented by a standard or dynamic radiography and the MRI will identify any associated lesions of the meniscus or (more rarely) the posterior cruciate ligament.

Treatment options

Medical Treatment

Analgesics and anti-inflammatories will reduce the pain and the effusion. Sometimes a puncture can be performed in the joint. It is necessary to associate a work of rehabilitation scrupulously followed in order to rebalance the knee and strengthen the stabilizing muscles. Nevertheless, the medical treatment does not make it possible to repair the ligaments lesion.

Surgical Treatment

To repair the ACL and restore stability, the ligament must be reconstructed. That is to say that torn ligament will be replaced with a tissue graft.

At the Bordeaux-Merignac Sport Clinic surgeons specialized in knee perform this procedure as an outpatient basis

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