Meniscus repair & Menisectomy

The knee is very stressed during walking or running ; it supports important stresses and must be particularly stable to avoid falls. Meniscus acts as shock absorbers to protect the cartilages of the femur and tibia.

The meniscal lesions are numerous and their treatment may depend on their severity but also your age and your professional or sporting practice.

A miniature camera is inserted through a small incision (portal), then your surgeon inserts miniature surgical instruments through other portals to trim or repair the tear.

The first step is that of joint exploration during which the surgeon will analyze the lesions and decide the surgical procedure.

Depending on the type and size of the lesion, this surgical procedure may be :

  • remove the damaged part ( resection )
  • suture the damaged part with an anchor (meniscal suture)
  • remove the entire meniscus ( menisectomy )
  • Anesthesia : general + loco-regional
  • Technique : arthroscopy
  • Hospitalization : outpatient
  • Immobilization : none. Walking with support
  • Immediate rehabilitation
  • Postoperative visit : 6 weeks after surgery