A distortion of your forefoot can cause an imbalance on the front and on the soles of the foot when you place it on the ground, this abnormal pressure, called plantar hyperpressure causes pain : metatarsalgia.

The origin of the plantar hyper pressure can be explained by a morphological anomaly related to the size or the shape of the metatarsus or to an abnormal angle between the metatarsus and its phalanx. This hypertension can be aggravated by the overweight and deformity of the big toe called Hallux-valgus, it causes excessive rubbing on the soles of the foot, which form a painful callus.

In the absence of suitable treatment, the pressures may cause lesions on the metatarsal-phalangeal joint or lead to ligament tears and dislocations.

Your surgeon will perform a clinical examination to assess deformities and observe plantar pressure. He will also need a recent X-Ray.

Inquire in advance is mandatory in order to perform the most suitable examination.

Treatment options

Medical treatment

Pedicure treatments can provide temporary relief but do not correct the cause of pain. Adapted rehabilitation and the use of orthopedic soles can relieve the painful phenomena more lasting. If necessary, significant weight loss will be required.

However, if the pain and discomfort are too great ; a surgical procedure can be proposed to you.

Surgical treamtent

The DMMO (Distal Metatarsal Minimal Invasive Osteotomy) procedure involves causing reorientations of the metatarsal heads for a more harmonious distribution of body weight on the forefoot.