Innovations. Training. Publications

The Bordeaux Merignac Sport Clinic supports the hyper-specialization strategy of its practitioners. Each is specialized in the pathologies (sports or degenerative) of a joint.

The expertise of the physicians who practice there is expressed through their numerous publications (more than 160 articles) referenced in national and international biomedical journals and their participation in national or international congresses, but also through training actions.

The clinic moves !

Each year, the Bordeaux-Merignac Sport Clinic implements several training actions, or supports events organized by its practitioners :

  • « Orthopedics in Motion » : presentations of surgical techniques and innovations developed by orthopedic surgeons, live surgeries, retransmissions on the internet, exchanges and debates on the management of osteo-articular pathologies (every year in October).
  • « Ortho-Kiné » Meetings presentations dedicated to physiotherapists about surgical techniques and rehabilitation protocols developed in collaboration with the clinic’s physiotherapists, orthopedic surgeons and the physical doctor (every year in May-June).
  • « Arthro-lab » : a mobile anatomy laboratory that allows ankle and foot surgeons to present their technical innovations to young orthopedic surgeons and health professionals in the region.
  • « Live sport : Knee arthroscopy experts course » brings together about fifty surgeons from all over the country, around experts who perform live surgeries (July 2015, October 2016).
  • The first European day of groin organized by Dr. Gilles Reboul in October 2014 brought together French, German and Swedish experts in the treatment of this pathology at the "Cité Mondiale du Vin" in Bordeaux.
  • « Rehabilitation days  » organized by sports doctors at the "Cité Mondiale du Vin" in (every year in December).