Ankle Prosthesis

The treatment of osteoarthritis of the ankle by prosthesis has developed significantly over the past 20 years thanks to improved surgical techniques, surgical instruments and especially prosthetic implants.

In the most severe cases of osteoarthritis, not relieved by medical treatments and rehabilitation, the damaged parts of the joint can be replaced by prosthesis, known as ankle arthroplasty.

The first step consists of removing the osteophytes and the damaged cartilage and then preparing the bone that will receive the prosthesis.

The ankle prosthesis consists of three parts : the upper part is fixed to the base of the tibia by a small stem inserted in the spongy bone, the lower part is fixed to the place of the talus by a screw.

Between these pieces of metal, place a plastic liner, which will allow a harmonious sliding as in the normal articulation.

  • Anesthesia : general + loco regional
  • Technique : open
  • Hospitalization : 2 to 3 days on average
  • Immobilization : 3 weeks in a boot with authorized support, relieved by crutches
  • Rehabilitation : from the 3rd week after surgery