Outpatient care

Outpatient care allows you to go home on the day of surgery. The pre- and post-operative protocols developed with all the medical and paramedical teams make it effective and safe.
The surgical procedure itself is identical to that performed in classical surgery.
Early discharge is made possible by the practice of surgical techniques perpetually improved and less and less invasive, especially arthroscopy.


Before D-Day

  • I see the surgeon and we set a date for surgery
  • His secretary gives me my "passport" for my day in the Outpatient Unit (I am informed that sometimes a night in hospital may be necessary)
  • The same day, I receive a login code to do my pre-registration online through the secure portal APPFINE.
  • I make an appointment with the anesthesiologist
  • I do the complementary examinations if necessary as prescribed : X-rays, blood test, electrocardiogram ...
  • I organize my return by planning a person to take me home after the procedure and stay with me the 24 hours following my surgery
  • I get in advance the anti-pain medication prescribed by the anesthetist
  • I read the hygiene instructions to be observed before the hospitalization (click here)
Minors : the consent to surgery must be signed by both parents with a copy of their ID

The day before surgery

  • I proceed to my waxing, with depilatory cream or a hair clipper, according to the recommendations of the surgeon
  • I remove all nail polish, false nails, jewelry and piercing
  • I take a shower, body and hair, with the antiseptic solution (Betadine Scrub or Hibiscrub), bought on prescription of the surgeon
  • I am contacted by the nurse of the Outpatient Unit, who gives me the admission schedule
  • I stop drinking, eating and smoking 6 hours before I arrive at the clinic
  • I follow the instructions given to me by telephone


My administrative documents

  • Medical insurance cards (carte Vitale + supplementary insurance), a piece of identification, a method of payment
  • The pre-admission formalities MUST be finalized on APPFINE application.
    (If unable to access the Internet you must download, print ALL the detailed documents for pre-admission entry and return by mail to the clinic (link to download documents)
  • Minor patient : authorization of care MUST be signed by both parents with copy of both ID
  • Patient under tutorship : the authorization of care MUST be signed by the tutor

My medical documents

  • The prescription of my personal treatment and my medicines in the original packaging
  • Radiological examinations
  • Biological and cardiological examinations if necessary

I plan a comfortable and clean outfit

The morning of my arrival

  • At home, I take a shower, body and hair, with the antiseptic solution (Betadine Scrub red flask or Hibiscrub), bought on prescription of the surgeon
  • I do not wear makeup
  • I do not carry any object of value
  • According to the instructions of the anesthetist, I take my usual treatment
  • I respect the time of admission given

Upon arrival at the clinic

  • At the scheduled time, I go to the Outpatient Unit on the 1st floor
  • The secretary validates my admission and tells me my room number
  • I wear the specific outfit for the operating room
  • The nurse prepares me for surgery
  • I remove my dentures, hearing aids, glasses, lenses and store them in a safe place

Direction : the operating room

  • The stretcher takes me to the operating room
  • I am taken care of by the healthcare team
  • After the procedure, I go to the recovery room for post-intervention monitoring and pain management
  • The stretcher brings me back to my room

Back in my room

  • I am taken in charge by the nurse in the department
  • I’m having a snack
  • I get up with the physiotherapist
  • The surgeon visits me to validate my exit (I am informed that sometimes a night in hospital may be necessary)

Before leaving

The surgeon’s nurse gives me :

  • Prescriptions for postoperative care
  • The operating report
  • A letter for my doctor
  • An appointment for the postoperative consultation with the surgeon
  • A work stoppage (if necessary)

The Outpatient Unit nurse gives me :

  • The exit bulletin with a call number in case of emergency or problem.

The secretary of admissions gives me :

  • A situation bulletin and the traceability sheet of the implants
  • The receipt of paid invoice (if all fees have been paid)

Someone must come to pick me up and take me home. I must not stay alone the night after the procedure. Without accompanying person : I will stay overnight at the Clinic

If necessary, I make an appointment with a nurse for postoperative care

(Dressing, injection of anticoagulant, etc.).

  • I keep my dressing dry to avoid any risk of infection
  • I get rest and respect the postoperative instructions
  • Tomorrow, depending on the type of intervention, a nurse will call me to hear from me

I organize my exit

Who comes to pick me up at the clinic ?

I indicate the name and phone number of the person who will come to pick me up.

Useful numbers of the Bordeaux-Merignac Sport Clinic

4 rue Georges Nègrevergne - 33700 MÉRIGNAC

THE SURGICAL UNIT : 05 57 20 68 90 THE OUTPATIENT UNIT : 05 57 20 68 00

At home, in case of persistent pain, bleeding, fever or any other problem, do not hesitate to call the clinic 24 hours a day at the above mentioned numbers

Download the Ministry of Health brochure on ambulatory surgery (in French)