Useful information


Hospitalization only

  • Private rooms are allocated based on availability
  • Extra beds for accompanying persons are subject to condition :
    • private room, minor or aged over 70 years patient
  • Each room has a closet equipped with a code lock.
    • However, it is advisable not to bring valuables (the clinic declines any responsibility in case of loss or theft).

Accompanying people : information on hotels nearby is available at the reception.


  • The menu of the day is available on your TV.
  • You can indicate your special diets (without salt, diabetes, vegetarian, religious practice).
  • For patients safety it is not allowed to bring them food.
  • The accompanying meals must be reserved at the reception before 10am.

Mealtimes : Breakfast at 7.30am, Lunch at 12noon, Dinner at 7pm

Phone and Wifi

Your direct number will be communicated at the opening of your line.
Cell phones are not allowed in the establishment.


Every day between 11am and 8h30pm (unless advised by your doctor)
It is asked to your visitors :

  • to respect the tranquility of the place
  • not to enter or stay in rooms during care
  • to be limited to 1 visitor - children (under 15) not allowed

Car Parking

Parking is at your disposal under the following conditions :

  • first hour free
  • then € 0.40 per ¼ hour, maximum 10 hours billed per day

Rules of procedure

During your stay, you are required to comply with the rules of procedure and fire safety posted in the rooms.