Prices of services

These services, provided on the patient’s explicite request, are not covered by the health insurance plan. They may be reimbursed by the supplementary insurance, totally or partially, depending on the conditions of the contract.

Private room89 €/day
Extra bed  [1] 20 €/night
Extra meal
Lunch or dinner [2]
Phone & Wifi
Line opening 5€
Calls (0,10€/min. national 0,30€ to mobiles)
TV (Hospitalization)
From arrival 5€/day
Headphones (double rooms) +3€
Car Parking  : 1st hour free
Then 0,40 € per ¼ h
Maximum billing 10h / day
Outpatient 3 packages to chose from (see below)


[1(*) Conditions : -18 or +70 yrs patients, only in private rooms

[2(*) to be ordered before 10 AM