Pseudarthrosis of the scaphoid

The scaphoid is one of the 8 small bones of the wrist that plays a stabilizing role. After a fracture, it can happen that the scaphoid does not consolidate, we then speak of nonunion. Fragments create friction during wrist movements. These frictions damage the cartilage and can cause osteoarthritis.

Nonunion can cause severe pain and abnormal wear of the cartilage that can progress to osteoarthritis in the event of bone involvement.

To assess the level of disease and provide the most appropriate treatment, your surgeon will need to perform a clinical examination of your wrist and to analyze an imaging balance including an X-ray and an MRI or CT-arthrography .

Inquire in advance to perform the most appropriate examination.

Depending on the stage of development, your surgeon will be able to propose a surgical intervention, which can possibly associate different techniques :

  • Osteosynthesis or fixation of the two fractured bone parts using screws.
  • Bone graft taken from another bone (usually the iliac crest) to allow for consolidation.
  • Resection of the degraded fragment if consolidation is not possible.