Quality Approach


 The Bordeaux-Merignac Sport Clinic was certified by the HAS (High Autority of Health) in September 2019.
The certification report (in French) can be consulted by clicking on this link.

The certification is a procedure of external evaluation of all French health establishments. It aims to assess the level of quality achieved across the entire organization of professional practices.

 July 2018 : ISO 13485 Certification processus for the sterilization service

Patient Satisfaction

 Overall patient satisfaction index : 98% (source : internal survey 2019)

 Overall satisfaction score for hospitalized patients (source : national survey e-SATIS - 2019)

  • Outpatient : 83/100
  • Hospitalization >48h : 83/100

In addition to the satisfaction survey conducted internally, the clinic participates in the national e-Satis survey. The questionnaire assesses the satisfaction of ambulatory patients or hospitalized patients >48h.

Indicators for the improvement of quality and the security of care

The Bordeaux-Merignac Sport Clinic participates in quality and safety indicators for generalized national care. The ranking is between A and E (A being the best class).

  • Fight against healthcare-related infections : Classe A
  • Pain assessment : Classe A
  • Coordination between personal physicians and hospital :
    Discharge letter after outpatient surgery : Classe A
    Discharge letter after hospitalization in MCO : Classe B
  • Patient record Classe A
  • Quality of Anesthesia Record Classe A

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Detailed results of indicators


In its process of continuous improvement of the quality and safety of care, the Bordeaux Merignac Sport Clinic has set up commissions chaired by representatives of the medical profession intervening at the clinic.

Establishment Medical Commission
Gathers all the liberal practitioners of the clinic. Ensures the professional independence of practitioners and participates in the evaluation of care.

Committee against Nosocomial Infections
Organizes and coordinates a surveillance of IAS (Infections Associated with Care).

Commission of the Users
Ensures patients’ rights are respected by facilitating any appeal procedures.

Committee on Drugs and Sterile Medical Devices
Defines drug policy and is engaged in fight drug-related iatrogenia.

Pain Control Committee
Develops the policy for the management of postoperative pain.

Food and Nutrition Liaison Committee
Participates in improving the nutritional care of patients.

Promotes and coordinates the quality approach and healthcare risk management. Analyzes indicators of quality and security of care.

Feedback Committee and Review of Mortality and Morbidity
Collectively analyzes cases marked by the occurrence of a complication or event that could have caused harm to the patient.

Transfusion Safety and Hemovigilance Committee
Contributes to improving the safety of transfused patients.

Ethics committee
Adopt an opinion on the medical studies conducted in the clinic. Encourages reflection on the meaning of care.

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