Reinsertion of the brachial biceps

The brachialis biceps muscle intervenes in the function of the shoulder and elbow where it has role in the flexion (bending the arm) and supination (rotation to the outside).

Most of the breaks occur in men who are active or very active between 30 and 60 years of age.

The procedure of reinsertion of the brachial biceps allows a good recovery of the initial force (about 90%).

In the first operative stage, the surgeon makes an incision in the elbow crease and identifies the injured muscle that will be prepared for reinsertion.

Then, a tunnel is drilled at the radius to fix the brachii biceps using an endoboutton (below)

  • Anesthesia : loco-regional
  • Technique : open surgery
  • Hospitalization : Outpatient care
  • Immobilization : 4 weeks in a splint of which 2 with elbow bent at 90 °
  • Rehabilitation : from the second postoperative week
  • Postoperative control visit : 4 weeks after surgery