Reverse shoulder prosthesis

Osteoarthritis is a degradation of the cartilage of your shoulder that can evolve in different ways. Your shoulder can become painful and its ability to move will depend on the condition of the muscles and tendons surrounding it.

Total reverse shoulder prosthesis is indicated in patients with osteoarthritis associated with significant degradation of the rotator cuff.

The biomechanical concept of this prosthesis is to reverse the natural anatomy of the shoulder :

  • the humeral head of rounded shape is replaced by a cup of concave shape
  • the glenoid of the scapula of concave shape is replaced by a glenoid shaped as a sphere
It is this specific biomechanical concept that makes it possible to recover articular mobility whereas the rotator cuff no longer plays its role
Patiente porteuse d’une prothèse anatomique à l’épaule gauche et d’une prothèse inversée à l’épaule droite

Above, a patient with an anatomical prosthesis on her left shoulder and an reverse prosthesis on her right shoulder

  • Anesthesia : General + loco regional
  • Technique : open surgery
  • Hospitalization 1 to 3 days
  • Immobilization elbow to the body in a splint for 2 to 3 weeks
  • Immediate self-rehabilitation consists in exercising 3 times a day at home
  • Immediate passive rehabilitation, 3 times a week, until recovery of passive articular mobility.
  • 1st postoperative visit 6 to 8 weeks after surgery with an X-ray

Below, an animation for more information (in French)