Trigger Finger

The trigger finger is an inflammation of the synovial sheath that surrounds the flexor tendon of a finger. This condition, which is very frequent, causes intermittent or more permanent pains and blockages of the finger.

The goal of surgery is to widen the opening of the tunnel so that the tendon can slide through it more easily. This is usually done on a outpatient basis, meaning you will not need to stay overnight at the clinic.

The procedure consists of making a small Z-shaped incision (Brunnel’s incision) at the sheath (pulley), which will release the tendon. A complementary gesture : tenosynovitis is a release of the glued tissues that stiffen the joint.

  • Anesthesia : Loco-regional
  • Technique : Microsurgery
  • Hospitalization : Outpatient care
  • No immobilization
  • No rehabilitation
  • Immediate self-rehabilitation to gently mobilize the finger.
  • Post-operative visit : 4 weeks after surgery